Book online: Select the details of your reservation and proceed to payment by credit card or Paypal. In a few moments you will receive confirmation of your booking via e-mail! Warning! Inside the confirmation e-mail will be indicated your box code that you will need to deposit and collect your luggage! Book directly in the luggage storage SelfBags: In a few minutes you can book in the deposit using the touchscreen: select the details of your rental, proceed with the advance payment only of the first hour or fraction by currency or credit / debit cards. You will receive a receipt indicating your box number and a six-digit code, do not miss it, you will need it to collect your luggage! Remember that for any problem during deposit or collection, you can contact us on 0835 185 6939.
Our system allows you to book up to a maximum of 5 boxes simultaneously. In case you need to book a larger box number, you can make a second reservation and add additional boxes.
There are 2 types of boxes for storing bags or suitcases and smaller compartments for storing keys or small objects
When booking, you will receive a 6-digit box code via e-mail and text message. Save it and enter the box code on the screen to reopen your box and collect your luggage!
It is possible to book our boxes starting from a rental hour, up to a maximum of 30 rental days.
In this case, to collect your luggage you will have to pay the extra hourly cost. You can easily pay the difference and proceed to collect your luggage.
Unfortunately, your booking is NOT REFUNDABLE.

After depositing your luggage inside the box you will be free to open it and close it, respecting a time limit. The system, from the moment the box is closed after making the deposit, grants a tolerance limit of 10 minutes. It will then be possible to reopen the box within this period. Once this limit is exceeded it will be possible to reopen the box, but the system will deem the baggage deposit concluded. In the latter case it will be necessary to rent a box again.

Electronic payments can be made through Paypal, credit card and debit card. Our systems accept the main international circuits. On-site payment can be made in cash (coins only, no banknotes)
Absolutely yes, 100%. Our baggage depots are H24 video surveillance.
You can contact us via the form on the contact page, via email to or call us at +39 0835 185 6939